Why is he smiling the father updated by dekuelegy-d4hf3gf

Although BEN is dead, he has feelings. He has a suffering past and really hasn't been able to escape any of it. All of this has carried with him to the afterlife, not being able to forget, being commanded, never having any freedom of his own, never being able to properly rest in peace.

He sees everything that happens and it hurts him to where he breaks, then causing him to hurt people. He never broke out of it and fell under the command of bad people. He doesn't have an escape now. Help him.  

To the Happy Mask Salesman, BEN is just a puppet to him. He uses him to torture Alex Hall (aka Jadusable).

BEN doesn't want this... he wants to be in peace, he wants to be set free of his misunderstood followers. He isn't really a demon, no, he's being told to do all these horrible things. Basically mindwashed, then told other things to follow.

On the inside, he's screaming for someone to save him, to set him free, to care about him. But on the outside, he's hurting everyone.

He doesn't mean to, he's very sorry. Just try to help me set him free.