Zelda ben drowned by onisuu-d7f2ndz
This requires you to have an actual Majora's Mask cartridge! Don't craft one, you HAVE to have a cartridge. There are many you can get online and probably one in stock if you have a Rock 30 store in your location. It doesn't matter if you have a grey or golden cartridge. It also has to have the art on it, it cannot be a blank cartridge.
  1. First, you want to peel off the original cover of the cartridge. Grab a sharpie and write "MAJORA" in it's place. It must be sharpie, it needs to be permanent.
  2. Dip the cartridge in salt water.
  3. Light a match and hold it right underneath the cartridge.
  4. Smash the cartirdge with a large rock.
  5. Turn on on your computer.
  6. Close your eyes and play the "Song of Unhealing"
  7. Wait until the song is over to open your eyes.

Depending on how you did this, you should hear a voice. You may turn around now and resume your normal life. DO NOT rush things to happen or this will fail. I am not responsible for any incidents that happen. You did this at your own risk and I will warn you that he is VERY powerful. I'm going to find a way to stop him if you have suffered enough.