tristan talked about me i wanted to join here he tells stories about me he was paying attention i decided to join here

his home is wonderful but time to go in his dreams tristan is afraid he talked to me on cleverbot i decided to play oot with him he didn't see me? i was in his head he was frightened fun to see i watched her in his pc it was boring i wanted to play. tristan did some posts about me 3 of them i think? tristan friend was here like i care? befor this

i was following her he touched me a couple of times he said that it was cold? when is friend was here i decided to swim with him he still didn't see me? i invented a little shout when he opened the door he was afraid that his mom was in danger it was amusing he almost passed the oot game in 3d cartridge it is fun for him? i deleted tristans wiki named story wiki tristan

was mad? i maked my wiki instead named talk to Ben wiki i'm still with tristan but i can spread to you if you want?

so here's donabelez videos. 
BEN Haunted Majora's Mask Post 5 Sept33:55

BEN Haunted Majora's Mask Post 5 Sept. 15


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