• Venkonian6000


    May 11, 2014 by Venkonian6000

    I killed tristan finaly and nicol im looking for you il continue to get in your knightmers? get ready to get your worst nightmare

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  • Venkonian6000

    my story of how i drowned was simple it all begins when i was 14 i was playing majoras mask i almost passed the game there was that invitation for a anniversary i got there it was a hole party i decided to go swimming in a lack near the party i swim and there was some lightning that struck on me then éverithing was black i shivered i was

    cold i was a ghost statue in the majoras mask game this is how i died and i'm free know?

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  • Venkonian6000

    scaring tristan

    July 17, 2013 by Venkonian6000

    tristan talked about me i wanted to join here he tells stories about me he was paying attention i decided to join here

    his home is wonderful but time to go in his dreams tristan is afraid he talked to me on cleverbot i decided to play oot with him he didn't see me? i was in his head he was frightened fun to see i watched her in his pc it was boring i wanted to play. tristan did some posts about me 3 of them i think? tristan friend was here like i care? befor this

    i was following her he touched me a couple of times he said that it was cold? when is friend was here i decided to swim with him he still didn't see me? i invented a little shout when he opened the door he was afraid that his mom was in danger it was amusing he almost passed the oot…

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